About Us


Our building has a proud history, starting life in 1929 as a meeting hall for the Friendly Society of Foresters. The hall was converted to a theatre in 1980 by Shirley Barrie and Ken Chubb, who named it the Tricycle in honour of their touring theatre company, the Wakefield Tricycle Company. In 1984, Nicolas Kent became the artistic director of the Tricycle Theatre and for the next 28 years grew its reputation as a major political powerhouse.

Today, following our much-needed major architectural renovation, the building is future-proofed for the next generations of theatregoers and theatre-makers. Our capital development project has:

  • made our theatre accessible to everyone: in our front of house areas, in our auditorium and backstage
  • improved the theatrical experience with a flexible stage, individual comfortable seating and great sightlines throughout the auditorium
  • created improvements outside the auditorium, by building more toilets and opening a welcoming new café on Kilburn High Road
  • unearthed original features from the Foresters’ Hall and made them visible within the building

Everyone here has worked tirelessly to achieve this ambitious project. We are really proud that with these essential improvements we can ensure our longevity as a theatre of international reach and a space for the whole community, while celebrating our history and everything that has come before us.

This transformed Tricycle is renamed Kiln Theatre – a name that echoes Kilburn, the place where we live. It speaks of energy and creativity and inspires a sense of warmth. We are a local theatre with international influence, proudly located in Brent, the most culturally diverse borough in London.


We want everyone to experience the power of theatre


Uncover Our Shared Humanity

Based in Kilburn, we create internationally renowned, high-quality, engaging and innovative work which presents the world through a variety of different lenses, amplifying unheard voices into the mainstream.


Communicate Universal Truths

We live in an area where today 84% of young people have English as their second language. We make theatre that crosses continents and tells big stories about human connections across cultures, race and languages. The bolder our vision and its delivery, the bigger the impact this programming can have on the cultural landscape.


Make Theatre for Everyone

Our doors are open for all. We produce world-class theatre that provokes, entertains and appeals to our exceptionally diverse society in Brent and beyond. For the first season after re-opening our building, we have over 10,000 tickets at £12.50 or less and we commit to offer 2,000 free tickets to people and communities that can’t otherwise access theatre.

Kiln Theatre encourages artists of all ages and backgrounds. Our ambitious Creative Learning programme aims to champion the imagination, aspiration and potential of the Brent community young and old. We invest in creating meaningful relationships with young people to inspire and encourage their creativity, their confidence and self-esteem. We work with older people to create a thriving community around our theatre.