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Kiln Insight is a programme of ways for you to keep in touch, learn more about, and get involved in our artistic output. From exclusive interviews, webinars and filmed content, there’s something for everyone.

We update this page regularly, so keep checking back for more opportunities to learn more about Kiln Theatre.

It was very important for us to provide this for free, in line with our mission which is about sharing unheard stories and making theatre accessible to as many people as possible.

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Kiln Content

Suhayla El-Bushra Interview

Writer for Stage and Screen Suhayla El-Bushra talks to Kiln Theatre Associate Director Susie McKenna about how she got into writing for TV and theatre.

Roy Williams Interview

Kiln Theatre Associate Director Taio Lawson talks to playwright Roy Williams.

Rakie Ayola Interview

Rakie Ayola talks to Susie McKenna about her expansive career, current projects and the charities she works hard to support.

Support Rakie’s charities here –
Childhood Tumour Trust
The Actors’ Children’s Trust

For more information about Shanty Production, visit

Lucian Msamati Interview

Taio Lawson talks to Lucian Msamati about his expansive career and his experiences in our first African-American season.

Sharon D Clarke Interview

Indhu Rubasingham talks to Sharon D Clarke about her incredible career.

Indhu Rubasingham Directing Webinar

Here is a clip from the webinar with Artistic Director Indhu Rubasingham.

If you would like to request the link to the full webinar, please email

Susie McKenna Directing and Musical Theatre Webinar

Here is a clip from the webinar with Associate Director Susie McKenna.

If you would like to request the link to the full webinar, please email


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