Capital Project

We are transforming the performance and public spaces in support of our growing creative learning programme and our ever-expanding artistic reach.

We’ve had to raise a lot of money to transform this theatre, to house our growing Creative Learning programme and our ever-expanding artistic reach. Generous supporters have given over £6 million in donations large and small to make our new theatre a reality.

We are grateful for the support of hundreds of donors who have made this project a reality. Our ambitions would not have been realised without your support.


We've been busy...

  • upgrading the theatre auditorium with a flexible stage, allowing for higher production values and greater theatrical experiences
  • increasing capacity in the auditorium and installing new individual seating, bespoke made by RACE Furniture
  • improving sightlines throughout the theatre
  • installing technical bridges and improving access to technical equipment
  • creating more wheelchair positions within the auditorium with access at stalls level and improving accessibility throughout the building, including backstage areas
  • improving and adding toilets
  • increasing our presence on Kilburn High Road with upgraded façade and a new welcoming café that offers drinks and hot food
  • unearthing original features from The Foresters’ Hall
  • improving plant and lowering carbon emissions


We are grateful for the support of the Capital Appeals Committee during our capital project fundraising campaign:

Chair: Jeremy Lewison

Nicholas Basden

Kay Ellen Consolver

Ginny Greenwood

Mairead Keohane

Jonathan Levy

Judy Lever

Anneke Mendelsohn

Michael Sandler




Arts Council England
Brent Council
Backstage Trust
Garfield Weston Foundation
Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust
John Lyon’s Charity
Foyle Foundation
Sir Siegmund Warburg’s Voluntary Settlement
City Bridge Trust
Wolfson Foundation
J Paul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust
Dasha Epstein
Roddick Foundation
Jeremy Lewison
Jonathan Levy
Cockayne Foundation
Judy Lever
Michael and Tessa Green
Mark and Liz Astaire
29th May 1961 Charitable Trust
Nicholas Basden
Derek and Inks Raphael
Mairead Keohane
Joseph and Sarah Zarfaty
Richard Naylor
Welton Foundation
Naomi Milgrom
Caroline Schuck
Jules Burns
Rose Foundation
Anneke Mendelsohn
Avalon Management
Pears Family Foundation
Theatres Trust
Edward Snape and Marilyn Eardley
Jonathan Marland
Nica Burns
Barrie Tankel
Barry Serjent
Rupert Lord
David and Primrose Bell
Atalanta Goulandris

Brian Smith
Sheelagh Killeen Rees
Colin Adams
Virginia Lynch
Dennis Fabian
Angela Choon
Iain Rothnie
Gaby Dellal
James Baer
Ondine Upton
James D Bromage
Vivienne D’Silva
Max Davidson
Brenda Essex
Elizabeth Beattie
Trevor Moross
Roger Lewis
Playful Productions
Simon Palley
Ginny Greenwood
Stephen Allcock
The Agency (London) Ltd
David Cohen
David and Jenny Altschuler
Peter Cawley
Hetal Patel
David Hare
Judith Sweeny
A Abrahams
Steve and Sandar Warshal
Jonathan J Cohen
Ellie Friedman
Tricycle Theatre Staff
Ian Davis
John Lloyd
Nadine Majaro
Nick Thomas
Jean Hawkins
Michael Ozer
Keith Schilling
Emma Tait
Judi Dench
Ella Brown
Janis Susskind
Bryan Sollenberger
Paula Drummond

Barbara Godfrey
Jamie and Karin Sehmer
Rosalyn Lewis
Donald Jackson
J P Sprinz
Ciara Murphy
Mary Richards
Beryl Foster
Margaret Bailey
Mary Kiely
Ruth Levenberg
John Hubbard
Liz Gerschel
Nikki Packham
Barry Lock
Simon Walton
Ian Laidlaw Dickson
Mary Butler
Jacqueline Fogden
Gayle Bryans
David Bird
Yvonne Wills
Robert Howard
Tony Cline
Ann Keen
Diana Towell
Joan Lewis
Mariam Mathew
Mary Spencer
P Johnston

Nicola Kerr
Michael Platt
Marcia Blakenham
Victoria Miro
Faisal Mian
Greg Wise and Emma Thompson
Bruce Wake Charitable Trust
Lord and Lady Hollick
Nick Hern
Ben Freedman
Bonnie Capes
Jonathan and Lucy Silver
Kaffe Fassett
Guy and Annabel Wilson
Mark and Hana Downing
Sarah and Mark Evans
Susan Healey
Gary Reardon
Victoria Tongue
Leon Kossoff
Lesley Ann Adams
Golden Bottle Trust
Ann Lewis
Greg Chapman
Gary and Carol Fethke
Baz Bamigboye
Amanda Beasley
Joe Public
Ros and Alan Haigh
Orlagh Culliton
Amanda May
Stephen Waley-Cohen
Nicola Horton
Michael Maguire
Jim E Carter
Simone Warner
Kay Ellen Consolver
Professor Bill Mapleson
Julie Covington
Anthony Morris
Katie Bradford
Sayed Bukhari
Mary Callaghan

John Freeman
Guy Mayers
Ian Mankin
Kevin Bays
Robert Dobbie
Bridget Somekh
Cormac and Hannah Fitzpatrick
John and Carol Boulter
Carey Smith
Sarah Courtin
Nora Franglen
Martin Hall
M Tross
Ruth Jackman
Ann Sprinz
Anne Newton
Ann Jenkinson
Alan Merkel
Mary Arnold
Hillary Bauer
Carol Fullilove
Stuart Mcgowan
Ian Tonothy
Marsha Hill
Richard Savours
John Mooney
Clare Checksfield
Michael Robins
Jill Iveson
Roger McCartney
Lilian Lancon
Nina Shandloff
Pauline Swindells
Sarah Morris
Stanley Ruszczynski
Nicole Slatner
John Abbott
Sarah Fleming
Geoffrey Williams
Sue Bolsom
Nigel Essex
Alison Packer
Hugh Holland
Catherine James
Alison Uppard
Nancy G Platt

Shirley Levy
Judy Obadia
David Hood
Barbara Goldstein
Don Gale
Pauline Jeffs
Helen Steer
Maureen Preston
Laurie Butcher
Annette Hales-Tiberghien
John Duncan
John Ratcliff
Maisie Skelton
Sara Crouch
Juliet Eardley
Keith Hunt
Mary Ford
G Khan
Jan Harvey
Colin Beney
Tara Houdek
Susan Spence
Ann Grainger
Lucia Sconosciuto
Ginny Eley
Tessa Stanley-Price
Peter Baxter-Ludlow
Mona Ozin
Sarah Ann Hall
Marco Magini

And all our supporters who prefer to remain anonymous.