Content Advice

Themes and Content for The Ballad of Hattie and James

Language: Strong and homophobic language.
Nudity: No. References to sex.
Violence: Depictions of substance abuse and underage drinking.
Themes: Grief, death, misogyny, homophobia; references to suicide attempt, sexism, racism, implied child sexual abuse and drug taking, discussions of child’s death and fatal road accidents.

Please note this production includes onstage smoking of herbal cigarettes, haze, sudden loud noises and flashing lights.

Age Guidance: 12+


Themes and Content for English

Language: No
Nudity: No
Violence: No
Themes: Language & Identity, Cultural Assimilation, Discrimination

Please note this production includes loud music.


Themes and Content for Peanut Butter & Blueberries

Language: No.
Nudity: No.
Violence: Brief descriptions of violence.
Themes: Islamophobia, misogyny, police stop and search, brief descriptions of drug taking, revolution and murder.

Age Guidance: 10+