Content Advice

Themes and Content for THE DARKEST PART OF THE NIGHT

Language: None
Nudity: None
Violence: References to police brutality,
Themes: Death of a parent, racial discrimination, police brutality, poverty, structural oppression, ableism, detailed medical talk

Age Guidance: 12+


Themes and Content for REASONS YOU SHOULD(N’T) LOVE ME

Language: Occasional, strong, including sexual references
Nudity: None
Violence: None
Themes: Ableism, detailed medical talk, life-changing medical condition, curing of disabilities, mental health and suicidal references

Age Guidance: 14+


Themes and Content for THE WIFE OF WILLESDEN

Language: Infrequent strong language, slurs against women
Nudity: None, but frequent references of a sexual nature
Violence: Sexual and physical violence are alluded to and symbolically represented
Themes: Patriarchy, misogyny, sexuality, religion, domestic abuse, death

Age Guidance: 14+