Content Advice

Themes and Content for NW TRILOGY

Language: Infrequent, strong
Nudity: None
Violence: References only
Themes: Racism, migration, xenophobia, religion, domestic violence, sexual assault, conflict and protest 

Age Guidance 12+

Themes and Content for THE WIFE OF WILLESDEN

Language: Infrequent, strong
Nudity: None, but frequent references of a sexual nature
Violence: Sexual and physical violence are alluded to and symbolically represented
Themes: Sexism, sexuality, religion, domestic abuse, grief

Age Guidance: 14+

A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR (an excerpt from the play)
But before she starts, a word to the wise:
Not a trigger warning, exactly, but
A proviso: it’s not my tale. I just
Copied it down from the original.
I could make stuff up and rewrite it all
But that would surely defeat the purpose,
And if Alvita does make you nervous
It’s worth remembering – though I’m sure you know –
When wives spoke thus four hundred years ago
You were all shocked then. The shock never ends
When women say things usually said by men . . .
And one last thing: if you spot yourself and
Think I’ve made you posher or more common
Than you’d like: sorry. I’ve got a good ear,
But I can only write down what I hear . . .

Live theatre can be challenging.  The advice above is not an exhaustive list, and we are aware that there may be other content or themes which affect certain individuals. If you would like more information about the show before booking for a performance please contact or call 020 7625 0138.