Content Advice

Themes and Content for PASS OVER

Language      Strong, frequent, including use of the n-word
Nudity            None
Violence        Physical, including gun violence and gunshots
Themes          Racism, gun violence, police brutality, slavery

Age Guidance 16+

Themes and Content for A MUSEUM IN BAGHDAD

Language      None
Nudity            None
Violence        Violent scene of prisoner of war being captured, bound (with a bag over his head) and kept in captivity
Themes          TBC


Themes and Content for THE GLEE CLUB

Language      Strong, infrequent
Nudity            Male nudity
Violence        Reference to homophobic violence
Themes          Homophobia


Live theatre can be challenging.  The advice above is not an exhaustive list, and we are aware that there may be other content or themes which affect certain individuals. If you would like more information about the show before booking for a performance please contact or call 020 7625 0138.