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Kiln Insight is a programme of ways for you to keep in touch, learn more about, and get involved in our artistic output. From exclusive interviews, webinars and filmed content, there’s something for everyone.

These events are funded by the Kiln Community appeal, which means that we are able to offer everything for free and make sure as many people as possible are able to take part. Find out more about the Kiln Community appeal here.


Kiln Collaborations are a series of online panel discussions where theatre creators come together to share experiences, approaches and advice on how to navigate the theatre industry by sticking together and working collaboratively. Throughout the evening the panel will also discuss current difficulties facing theatremakers, how to plan and prepare for the future and answer any questions you may have. The events are free and will be via Zoom.



Kiln Collaborations 1 – Designer, Costume Designer and Actors

Kiln Theatre Associate Director Taio Lawson hosts an evening with Designer Tom Piper, Costume Designer Kinnetia Isidore and Actors Ayesha Antoine and Tony Jayawardena.

Kiln Collaborations 2 - Choreographer, Movement Director and Director

Kiln Theatre Associate Director Susie McKenna hosts an evening with Artistic Director Indhu Rubasingham, Movement Directors / Choreographers Polly BennettShelley Maxwell and Diane Alison-Mitchell.

More Content

Suhayla El-Bushra Interview

Writer for Stage and Screen Suhayla El-Bushra talks to Kiln Theatre Associate Director Susie McKenna about how she got into writing for TV and theatre.

Roy Williams Interview

Kiln Theatre Associate Director Taio Lawson talks to playwright Roy Williams.

Rakie Ayola Interview

Rakie Ayola talks to Susie McKenna about her expansive career, current projects and the charities she works hard to support.

Support Rakie’s charities here –
Childhood Tumour Trust
The Actors’ Children’s Trust

For more information about Shanty Production, visit

Lucian Msamati Interview

Taio Lawson talks to Lucian Msamati about his expansive career and his experiences in our first African-American season.

Sharon D Clarke Interview

Indhu Rubasingham talks to Sharon D Clarke about her incredible career.

Indhu Rubasingham Directing Webinar

Here is a clip from the webinar with Artistic Director Indhu Rubasingham.

If you would like to request the link to the full webinar, please email

Susie McKenna Directing and Musical Theatre Webinar

Here is a clip from the webinar with Associate Director Susie McKenna.

If you would like to request the link to the full webinar, please email


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