Dear Future Generations


An original film written & performed by our 16-18 Young Company. 

This is our platform
Our soapbox
All we ask is that you listen

A poem, a manifesto, a dream of the future, DEAR FUTURE GENERATIONS is all about the mad world we’re in and how to reset the rules.

As our vibrant and innovative young company explore what it means to be a game-changer, past present and future, they tell us what it is they want to see changed through the medium of spoken word, music and theatre. From the Martin Luther Kings to the fiercest drag queens, the company take this chance to investigate what came before, and what change they want to see in the future, through the lens of their generation, in ourselves, our neighbourhood and our society.

We bring you joyful, electric performances from the next generation of game-changers.

Cast: Africa, Anya, Eden, James, Josh, Keegan, Louis, Mia, Mihai, Pari

Director: Jennifer Bakst

Associate Director: Chris Finnegan

Film Maker/Editor: Craig Nom Chong

Producer: Tash Marks

Artwork: Pari

Please note: The film uses language, imagery and music to explore a range of themes inspired by the participants’ identities, interests and experiences. Expect content relating to Mental Health, Trans experience, Gender and LGBTQ+ issues, Racism and Black Lives Matter, as well as some swearing.
Age guidance 14+


Dear John Doe

By Eden

Dear John Doe,
I have a message and its just for you,
If you chose to share that up to you.
You might what a seat and a cup of Jo,
Cause this is a biggy and you can’t leave this once you start it.

So mister dough did you know that I feel pain?
Did you know that mister Doe that I have a family?
Mister Doe did you know that I am a person?
Or did you not want to see that?
See past that I’m kind of black?

Mister Doe I know that you see me, but so you hear me? Take a second and truly listen.
You have a heart, though it’s cold, it’s there.
You have a family, though you don’t like your brother.
You have your life, though you don’t like your job.

Do you see all those things you have?
What if I told you I have those things to?
I have my problems big and small. I have my family big in heart but little in worry.
I have my job that pays enough to keep me but not enough to have me forever.

Mister Doe did you know I have my aspirations?
I want be someone, someone that people want to remember. I want my kids to look up my
name and see all the good I have done.
John Doe don’t you know I can’t do that from the grave? You cant pelt me with bullets
that burn the curse my name and blame me for society’s problems if I’m just walking home.

How many times mister dough have you been stopped in the streets? None? Same as me
John. I’m mostly black you see. The stereotype seems to miss out on you when you look
quite light. So I guess I’m lucky that I look how I do.

Are you confused mister dough? Well you should be. I have my rights and so do you. We
have the right to remain silent. But in times like these. You uphold that right because I’m
breaking the rules.
You keep your silence and let me do the talking. Don’t you dare hate on use because of who
we are. Do you think we chose to be the but if your jokes?

I’m sorry to have wasted your time.
I’ll see you next time mister John Doe.

I was born a flower

By Mihai

I was born a flower on a hill of spines

I glistened and shone

I bloomed beneath the feet of the perfect ‘’girl’’ I always dreamed to be.

The one with perfect skin and a tight waist.

The smart, intelligent girl who isn’t shouted at and spat on for wearing make-up on the street.

‘’You fag’’ they say.

‘’Kill yourself’’ they say.

I was born a flower.

Millions of petals tightly held within a bud

Fearing that if I bloom I’m going to bleed deadly poison

For how can I bloom when my spectrum of colors is tainted by the blood of those before me.

Those who bloomed and bled innocent tears

‘’God hates you’’ they say

‘’You are disgusting’’ they say.

I was born a flower.

But I still treat myself like a seed

I water and shine light hoping that something extraordinary will come out

But there’s not enough space in the box I was forced in for my ever-reaching roots to grow!

I was born a flower

But my petals were ripped

Because what if I wear make-up and they shout and they hit?!

Because how can I hold hands with my boyfriend without the fear of being whipped?!?

With the pretext of religion, you pick and chose masks.

You hide away a shitload of prejudice in the casket of your dead sons and daughters.

You know my trans sisters and brothers

My other queer bouquets.

The ones you cut the ribbons off and threw in the trash because you don’t accept red roses

And you don’t believe in blue sunflowers.

But I ask!

Aren’t we all born flowers?

Aren’t all flowers different?

Why must I be afraid to bloom?

To the people I’ve bowed to and remained silent in front of when my life was in your palms

  1. Fuck you.
  2. Fuck you!
  3. You can not accept me or agree with my so called ‘’choice’’, ‘’lifestyle’’ or ‘’personality’’ I TAKE THAT FROM YOU. YOU WILL accept me! YOU WILL give me the respect I deserve. I AM NOT ASKING OR DEBATING NO MORE.


Thank you. For opening my eyes to the power I already had to overcome the adversity that you put me through.

For making me become the person I am today.

Little Bee

By Eden

Take a look outside your window and tell me what you see.

Do you gaze upon the evergreen the or the never green?

If you are like me then you have no large plot of land. You have no akers to run free. You have no true place to say “this is me”.

Take a look outside your window, do you see rows of houses ? A congested conglomerate of brick and stone. The mass cold shut off homes. Do you see the path of concrete you must walk to get to the corner shop?

Take a look outside your window and tell me something now, are there clouds that tell stories of lives lived and lost? Do colours dance in the sky?  Can you see the sun or the moon? The bright untamed or the waxed and waned?

Take a look inside yourself, do you see the working bee? You make the honey for your queen but have you ever had a slice? Your fair portion. Have you ever had a taste of the easy life?

Tell me, have you ever been stung little bee?  Did it hurt little bee? Did the pain make you cry out?

Take a look at another person little bee. What do you see? Do you see black with yellow or yellow with black? Do you see that the order of the stripes bares no difference, you both feel pain, you both share life.


Little bee take a look in the mirror and tell me what you see. Do you see a person that lives in the hive or are you the queen? If you’re the queen please hop along this little song bares no relevance to your majesty. You little worker bee, work just like all the rest in that concrete hive  the living organism that works for the higher purpose. What does it matter if you’re black with yellow or yellow with black, you will both live, you will both die. Don’t be unpleasant, be understanding you may not feel as though you have power but you have enough to smile at your fellow worker bee, you have the power to change your outlook, you have the power to see the stories in the clouds, just look up now and find one. What story did you see? Don’t  tell me go find a bee and whisper it, let them know that they are not alone, let them know that they are valued, you have the power to do that. You should give it a try, you’ll never know who you will meet.

Gen Z

By Africa

Supposedly we’re the shit generation. The ones that lack concentration. We stare our phones and give nothing but groans while we sit with little to no animation.

But aren’t we the ones pushing for change? Demanding we’re treated the same; regardless of race, religion, Creed, and sexuality? Fuck police brutality!

You’re quick to judge our faults but never quick to point out your own. Our latest weapon is our phone!

We can start a rebellion with one click and soon you’ll see tear gas flying quick 

We are the LARGEST generation! There’s more of us than the African population! 

There’s 2.47 billion of us and we all deserve to make a fuss!

You contributed to the downfall of the earth! You failed to see its true worth!

And now that we’re running out of time it’s up to Gen Z to get everything in line!

We may be technology junkies but at least our future government won’t be run by a bunch of idiotic monkeys.