Corporate Engagement

At Kiln we build relationships with companies that share our mission driven values by making space for unheard or ignored voices.  Together, we can have a real impact on our audiences and local communities in the London Borough of Brent, helping to bring the power of theatre to all.

From working to achieve your CSR aims or supporting our programmes with local children, young people, adults and older members of local communities, your company can have a real impact on the lives of thousands. 

Your company can also sponsor or subsidise tickets to Kiln shows for people who otherwise might not be able to attend the theatre. This will help ensure that cost is no barrier, and that everyone can see themselves in the stories on stage and in the audience around them.

For more information on how you can get more closely involved at Kiln Theatre, contact Catherine Walker, Fundraising Director, on 020 7625 0135 or at