Make a Gift in Your Will

“Leaving a legacy to Kiln Theatre is a wonderful way to show your commitment to civic values of community, creativity and empowerment. If you believe – as we do – that stories can change the world, please consider making a gift in your Will.”

Indhu Rubasingham, Artistic Director


Invest in the future and long-term vision of Kiln Theatre by leaving a gift to us in your Will (a legacy gift). In this way, you will be supporting us to continue making theatre that champions unheard voices and that is open to all, for many years to come.

Gifts in Wills allow us to plan for the future. A gift in your Will costs you nothing now but ensures you have a lasting impact on our work, both on stage and in our many communities.


How to Give

There are three ways to support Kiln Theatre in your Will:

  •  A Residual Legacy – a gift of a share or a percentage of your estate
  • A Pecuniary Legacy – a gift of a fixed amount
  • Specific gifts or bequests – a gift of an item such as property or stocks and shares

Your solicitor will be able to talk through these options with you. We recommend supporting Kiln Theatre broadly, but if you would like to support a particular area of our work, we would be more than happy to discuss this with you. All Gifts in Wills, whatever their size, are greatly valued.

If you already have a Will and would like to update it to include Kiln Theatre, this can be done easily and inexpensively through your solicitor.

Staying in touch

If you have included Kiln Theatre in your Will, we would love to know so that we can thank you for your generosity and keep you up to date on our work.

To discuss leaving a gift in your Will, or to let us know your intentions, please contact Ama Ofori-Darko in the Fundraising Team.

All conversations will be treated discreetly and in confidence.

Thank you

We would like to thank Harry Frank Rose for his generous legacy.