Our commitment to Young People

To all the young people we are working with at the moment and to those we have not yet met…

What we are seeing happening in the USA is much nearer home than many would like to believe. What is starkly being shown is the systemic racism in our societies that has existed and caused extreme harm for centuries. Words and comfort are hard to find and offer. But it is our responsibility to take this moment to galvanise, to push forward and make this world better for you to take over, to stand up for you and to stand with you.

What we can do at Kiln Theatre is to commit even more fervently to our values and mission; to tell the stories of the many diverse communities that we live amongst here in Brent, to listen to you, to provide as many opportunities as we can for you to speak and to make a theatre for all, where everyone is entitled.

Indhu (Artistic Director), Daisy (Executive Director) and the Kiln Theatre Team – June 2020