Kiln Theatre is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities and contributing to a more sustainable future.


What we want to achieve

  • Minimise resource use and eliminate waste as far as possible, promoting a circular economy.
  • Embed low environmental impact and sustainable practice into all our operational systems and the fabric of our buildings and equipment. Alongside this we will work to engage staff and create a culture wherein sustainability is a key factor in decision-making and ways of working.
  • Minimise the need to travel, use sustainable travel options, and maximise the value of any international travel
  • Use the range of resources within the sector – including the work of Julie’s Bicycle – to identify best practice and implement that, wherever possible.
  • Work with suppliers and contactors to find effective ways of minimising our environmental impact and will take this aspect into account when choosing supplies and services for our business operations.
  • Communicate our progress and share our learning with staff, partners, industry colleagues and audiences, working in partnership to further our aims where appropriate.


How we achieve it

  • We are part of Julie’s Bicycle Industry Green scheme
  • We hold Green Team meetings monthly
  • We attend LTC Green Champions meetings, part of London Theatre Consortium
  • Most of the disposable items used in Kiln Kitchen, Bar and Cafe are certified 100% compostable, sustainably sourced or made from recycled products – including our used cooking oil, which is collected and recycled by Olleco.
  • We are recycling our sets so nothing is going to landfield
  • We now have a prop store so outher theatre can get in touch t borrow props for free, promoting a circular economy
  • We participate every year in the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling event, where dozens of local people and customers leave their electrical devises and equipment for recycling.
  • We have introduced e-tickets to reduce printing.
  • We aim to have regular Green screenings. Recent screenings included Mountain (2017), and Patricio Guzmán’s Nostalgia for the Light (2010) and The Pearl Button (2015).

your feedback

We would really appreciate your feedback if you have any recommendations and suggestions how to be even greener. You can email, tag us on twitter @kilntheatre #KilnGreen, or leave your comments on one of our feedback cards which you can find in theatre foyer at your next visit.


Whenever possible, opt for walking, taking public transport or cycling in. To find out how to get to Kiln Theatre, click here. To find out about bicycle routes in Kilburn and Brent, we recommend that you visit Brent Council’s handy guide.