Mon 27 May 2002 – Sat 22 Jun 2002

Nitro present the World Premiere of Catwalk

Writer – Malika Booker
Directors  –  Kristine Landon Smith and Derek Richards
Soundscape – Rita Ray
Company includes: Lucille Wall, Tony Marshall, Debra Michaels, Abi Eniola
A vivid and powerful story set in a world where fashion, beauty and race collide.
Spearhead of new black writing in Britain, Nitro return to the Tricycle following their hit successes Up Against the Wall and Ray Shell’s Iced.  
Salisha is beautiful – everyone says so.  Tonight she is the star model of the main event of the fashion calendar.  Surrounding her are the Designer, neurotic and temperamental, the Make-up Artist, always in the background; the Model, envious of Salisha’s iconic status and the DJ, mixing up the beats.  The temperature is high.  The champagne is on ice.  The glamour starts here…
Rita Ray’s potent blend of world music, dance and trance interweaves with Malika Booker’s rich and poetic storytelling to lift the ld on the hype and dazzle of the fashion industry.  Strands of rhythm and song criss-cross with the rarest grooves and video images in a sparkling yet ruthless expose of the Catwalk where the beautiful people pose.