Heartbreaker (L'arnacoeur)

2010/Fr/ 105mins‎/ Dir.  Pascal Chaumeil
Cast: Vanessa Paradis, Romain Duris, Andrew Lincoln, François Damiens, Héléna Noguerra, Olivier Schneider, Julie Ferrier, Jacques Frantz, Jean-Yves Lafesse

Daniel is a professional home-wrecker and his sister and brother-in-law are partners in this lucrative activity which nonetheless has one golden rule: Daniel only agrees to get involved with women who are unhappily married. A father who hates his more »future son-in-law hires Daniel one week before the marriage he wants to prevent. In need of money, the heartbreaker agrees to abandon his “code of ethics” and seduce a young woman who is completely fulfilled in her relationship–and he ends up being the one seduced.