How Long is Never: Darfur - a response

Tue 24 Oct 2006 – Thu 26 Oct 2006

“Which theatre, other than the Tricycle, would commission a series of short plays about Darfur? And where else in London would you find such an intelligent post-show discussion about the extent of the crisis and the international response to it? It is a potent reminder that theatre, among its myriad other functions, has a mission to inform”  The Guardian

Which theatre in London does most to expand consciousness? My vote goes to the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn…one of the few dramatic masterstrokes I have encountered in new playwriting this year. Financial Times

After Rwanda the world said never again.
An evening of short plays written exploring the current situation in Darfur.
Plays being performed:

Directed by Nicolas Kent:

words words words by Jennifer Farmer
Cast includes Obi Abili, Jenny Jules, Abile Parsons, Clare Perkins, Chris Tummings and Howard Ward

Silhouette by Carlo Gebler
Cast includes Lorraine Burroughs and Charlotte Lucas

Directed by Indhu Rubasingham:
Give, again? by Lynn Nottage
Cast includes Karl Collins and Jenny Jules
IDP by Winsome Pinnock
Cast includes Lorraine Burroughs and Clare Perkins
Directed by Charlotte Westenra:
Distant Violence by Michael Bhim
Cast includes Oli Abili, Karl Collins, Charlotte Lucas, Clare Perkins, Chris Tummings and Howard Ward
Many Men’s Wife by Amy Evans
Cast includes Oli Abili, Karl Collins, Jenny Jules and Chris Tummings
Bilad al-Sudan by Juliet Gilkes
Creatives include Polly Sullivan (Designer), Darren Murray (Lighting Designer) and Paul Kizintas (Sound Designer)
Tickets: £8.50 including post-show discussions with Darfur specialists on human rights, humanitarian aid, international law and NGO representatives who have worked in the field.
Supported by the Aegis Trust 2006/7 new writing for new audiences is sponsored by BLOOMBERG