Fri 6 Sep 2002 – Sat 14 Sep 2002

by John McGrath


Floodtide present Elizabeth MacLennan in Hyperlynx

A sunny September day.  Heather Smithson, a senior MI5 controller, has a dilemma.  Her job is on the line.  She pauses in the sunshine to brood on recent events and what they mean in her life.  Seattle, Genoa, New York: Where is the battleground? Who is the enemy?

Hyperlynx was performed as a one-act rehearsed reading at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2001.  Its grim premonition of the terrorist activity of September 11th, necessitated that after the event John wrote a second act.  He completed the play in November before his death in January 2002.  
“A short, sharp piece of quite deadly sophistication about the power of multinationals.  Well done, that man.”  John Peter, Sunday Times