Linha de Passe

The second film director Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries, Central Station) with Daniela Thomas, follows four young fatherless brothers being raised in Brazil by their mother, who’s pregnant with a fifth child she will raise on her own. The film is a follow-up to Foreign Land, which Salles and Thomas made 12 years ago, and like that film, Linha de Passe focuses on youth, movement and change.

Salles and Thomas use the lives of these brothers — Denis (João Baldasserini), the oldest, who is one of some 300,000 bike couriers transversing the crowded streets of Brazil; Dario (Vínicius de Oliveria), a talented soccer player hoping to use his skill at the game as a path to a better life; Dinho (José Geraldo Rodrigues), who seeks escape by joining an evangelical church; and youngest brother Reginaldo (Kaique de Jesus Santos), who spends his days riding buses around the city, searching for his father.