Mark Thomas: Bravo Figaro!

Mon 10 Sep 2012 – Sat 6 Oct 2012

Extra shows added! Mark will now be at the Tricycle until Sat 6 Oct.

Hear Mark talk about why he made the show – click here.

How to put on a opera in a bungalow in Bournemouth.

There aren’t many south London builders who would sing along to La Traviata while slating a roof. This man was a brutal Methodist-Thatcherite. To support his family he worked more hours in more days than anyone else he knew. His home was his kingdom, and he ruled it with violence.

The fact this man was Mark Thomas’ dad is a fitting contradiction. So too is it that these men unexpectedly found a way to communicate through Opera.

Directed by Hamish Pirie, this is a show that plunders the operatic themes of family, love, death and art told by one of the best storytellers in the country.

Scotsman Fringe First Award Winnner!

Four Stars ‘Vivid, affecting, funny, well-built.’ The Times

Four Stars ‘Bravo indeed.’ The Daily Telegraph

Four Stars ‘A heartwarming story told with a lot of humour.’ The Sunday Telegraph

Four Stars[A] refreshing performance.’ The Sunday Times