Sorrows and Rejoicings

Wed 20 Mar 2002 – Sat 20 Apr 2002

Writer – Athol Fugard

Directed – Athol Fugard
Designed – Susan Hilferty
Lighting – Mannie Manim
Cast includes – Amrain Ismail-Essop, Denise Newman, Jennifer Steyn, Marius Weyers
Acclaimed South African playwright Athol Fugard is one of the true contemporary masters of the stage.  His new play, Sorrows and Rejoicings, explores the legacy of the Apartheid on two women – one white, the other black – who on the surface seem to have little in common except their love of one man, a white poet who attached to the Karoo land and the peoples of his birth.  The moving story moves fluidly between the past and present, reliving his despondent years in exile and his eventual return to a new South Africa.  With lyrical grace, Fugard once again demonstrates the human struggle to transcend the treacherous injustices of history.