The 39 Steps

Thu 10 Aug 2006 – Sat 9 Sep 2006

by John Buchan

Adapted by Patrick Barlow

From an original concept by Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon.

10 August – 09 September 2006

Cast includes Rupert Degas, Charles Edwards, Simon Gregor and Catherine McCormack

Creatives include Maria Aitken (Direct0r), Peter McKintosh (Designer), Ian Scott (Lighting Designer) and Mic Pool (Sound Designer)

“clever and witty adaptation by Patrick Barlow.” Sunday Times

“rip-roaring farce, stuffed full of physical comedy, that is impossible not to enjoy.” Metro

“a joyous version of the Hitchcock classic…It’s the sort of play that should transfer to a small West End theatre” Sunday Times

“Patrick Barlow’s knowing reconstruction…wholly irreverent yet entirely affectionate, it manages to conjure the spirit of the original”   Time Out Critics’ Choice

“fast-paced, resourceful and attractively tongue-in-cheek production by Maria Aitken.” Independent

“Rupert Degas and Simon Gregor are a joy.” Independent

“Catherine McCormack is equally winning in a trio of female roles.” Independent

“Charles Edwards is dream casting as the suave, hint-of-the-cad Hannay.” Evening Standard

“this isn’t so much of a send-up of cinema as a glorious celebration of theatre.”

“hugely enjoyable show …a delightful mix of homage and parody.” Jewish Chronicle

“daft and drolly amusing…the cast acquit themselves with aplomb .” Financial Times