The Muju Crew

Mon 2 Apr 2012 – Thu 5 Apr 2012

MUJU, the interfaith Muslim-Jewish theatre company based at the Tricycle, use drama and comedy to explore and celebrate tolerance and faith.

Photo by Kit Oates

In their first full run at the Tricycle Theatre, MUJU present a double bill of two new productions:


Trying to find love in a metropolis is hard. Trying to find someone of faith is even harder. MUJU Upstarts take a fun and thoughtful look at the dating game, culminating in a uniquely modern Vaudeville experience. Come on you’ve pulled, but remember to keep the chat halal and the dress kosher…

MUJU Upstarts gives a platform to less experienced performers and helps nurture new talent in the Muslim and Jewish communities. Flirting With Faith is MUJU Upstarts second work.

Directed by Waleed Akhtar and devised with the MUJU Upstarts.


“They’re just sad places for sad people.”

Samina is desperate to hold on to Suds, her parents’ dilapidated laundrette. With a buyer in the bag, her brother can’t wait to sell, but a failed musician and a persistent customer are getting in the way… A play about love, loss and laundry, My Dutiful Laundrette explores what adapting to survive means for both the high street and tradition.

A new play by MUJU member Yasmeen Khan and performed by the MUJU Crew. Directed by Alexander Summers



In 2010 MUJU’s devised political comedy show, Extreme Prevention, toured to over a thousand people:

‘Fresh, clever and highly observant. MUJU’s chief success is highlighting new stereotypes ripe for gentle mocking’ Spoonfed

 ‘The group’s strength is in actualising potential collaborations, conversations and friendships’ The Times