Twelfth Night

Mon 1 Dec 2008 – Sat 6 Dec 2008

Experience the madness of love and loss in a radically cut, fast paced version of Shakespeare’s much loved comedy where classical verse meets riotous gig.

Filter’s explosive and irreverent new take on this story of romance, satire and mistaken identity combines dynamic narrative drive with a torrent of sound and music creating one of the most accessible Shakespeare productions of recent years.

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“Puts the fun back into Twelfth Night and allows us to become participants in a feast of misrule.” The Guardian

“Rock-and-roll Shakespeare’s a blast…just the ticket….Filter is a company blessed with wit, style and a touch of magic…the jokes are genuinely funny, the music, ranging from folk and free jazz to heavy rock, is both spontaneous and exciting, and Shakespeare’s original lyrics are wisely retained.” Daily Telegraph

“Filter’s lo-fi, 90min remix of Shakespeare’s comedy infects the audience with the play’s celebratory spirit of madness from the start…You leave feeling slightly changed yourself.” Metro

“Fresh, fast and very funny…. Chaotic, creative and zinging with vibrant irreverence.” The Times

“This modern staging makes the Bard’s timeless comedy of mis-matched romantic desires burst with fresh irreverence.” The London Paper

“A thoroughly invigorating draft of fresh air.” Daily Mail

“This is one of the best Twelfth Nights I’ve ever seen… Offers genuine enhancement and a sort of glowing sense of ecstasy not often achieved by more classical versions.”

“…packed with delights.” Financial Times

“Achieves the company’s goal of breathing spontaneity and fun into Shakespeare’s work.” Official London Theatre Guide

“A sprightly delight.” Theatre Guide London

“Truly, Shakespeare was never like this. Do not miss out.” British Theatre Guide


Cast includes Jonathan Broadbent, Oliver Dimsdale, Victoria Moseley, Poppy Miller, Ferdy Roberts, Gemma Saunders, Tom Haines, Ross Hughes, Alan Pagan and Russell Marsh

Creatives include Sean Holmes (Director) and Tom Haines and Ross Hughes (Sound Designers)