Women, Power & Politics: Now

Tue 8 Jun 2010 – Sat 17 Jul 2010

New plays by Joy Wilkinson, Bola Agbaje, Zinnie Harris, Sam Holcroft, Sue Townsend with verbatim accounts edited by Gillian Slovo

Women Power and Politics - Now

Now and Then can be seen separately and not necessarily in chronological order.

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“Tales of the struggle dazzle and delight. This ambitious cycle of nine new short plays gives audiences a remarkable bird’s-eye-view of the changing landscape of opportunity for women over the years.

The crack troupe of 12 actors showcases remarkable versatility. I’m tempted to say: stuff the World Cup, it’s our lionesses we should be championing.” Daily Telegraph

“Ma’ams, Mags and militants on a lively journey to power. Hilarious and moving… typically ambitious… raises serious questions about the balance of power.” The Guardian

“Sparky, spiky, humorous, wistful… directed with enormous energy by Indhu Rubasingham… there are undisputed treasures in each section. Women, Power and Politics is a terrific achievement and crucial, frightening
viewing, for both sexes.”
Evening Standard

“…remarkable pieces of writing…quirky, thought provoking stuff.” The Sunday Telegraph

“A fascinating look at why women are under-represented in our democracy. Funny, thought-provoking, perfectly played. The cast of 12 are excellent. There’s plenty to provoke, stimulate, amuse.” The Times

“Characteristically bold and imaginative… a heroic feat of stamina performed by a winningly vivid and versatile company of 12 actors.” The Independent

“Iron ladies who are not for ironing…it’s one of the gifts of the Tricycle Theatre to take a debate or event and put flesh on it. A re-education of the audience’s eye takes place in the course of the evening” The Observer

“The Tricycle’s new season of plays and testimonies athletically questions the achievements of a century of women’s rights” Metro

“Enterprising, audacious and thought–provoking… delivered by a fine, versatile cast.” Financial Times

“You can’t fault the ambition of this double bill of short plays…the enterprise, involving an impressive roster of women playwrights, adds up to a bold conversation piece” The Sunday Times


by Joy Wilkinson

After the sudden death of John Smith, Margaret Beckett finds herself hurled into the position of Acting Leader of the Opposition, and the sole female candidate in the race to lead the party. She embarks on her campaign with the support of Clare Short in the contest that saw the birth of New Labour.

Cast includes Niamh Cusack and Lara Rossi

Creatives include Indhu Rubasingham (Director), Rosa Maggiora (Designer), Matthew Eagland (Lighting Designer) and Tom Lishman (Sound Designer)


by Zinnie Harris

The last candidate has just left the room and the door is shut. The clock is ticking, there’s a train to catch, and the panel must decide who to appoint. But what is really motivating them, and whose agenda will prevail?

Cast includes Oliver Chris, Tom Mannion, Felix Scott, John Hollingworth and Simon Chandler

Creatives include Indhu Rubasingham (Director), Rosa Maggiora (Designer), Matthew Eagland (Lighting Designer) and Tom Lishman (Sound Designer)


by Bola Agbaje

Election time. The Students’ Association needs a new President, and Akousa’s achingly cool flatmates are certain she is perfect for the position. How can they persuade her, and how much is she willing to compromise?

Cast includes Lara Rossi, Claire Cox and Amy Loughton

Creatives include Amy Hodge (Director), Rosa Maggiora (Designer), Matthew Eagland (Lighting Designer) and Tom Lishman (Sound Designer)


by Sam Holcroft

Two careers hang in the balance. Self-made millionaire Kim Keen is one of the most successful businesswomen in the country. As she prepares to launch her latest range on national television an unexpected visitor arrives in her dressing room with a different set of priorities to promote.

Cast includes Heather Craney, Amy Loughton, Tom Mannion and Stella Gonet

Creatives include Indhu Rubasingham (Director), Rosa Maggiora (Designer), Matthew Eagland (Lighting Designer) and Tom Lishman (Sound Designer)


by Sue Townsend

In a council house in a small Leicestershire town, Vincent’s skiing on the Wii, Sheila’s feeding her granddaughter McKenzie, and Kerry’s getting on with the ironing.  None of them are planning on voting in the election, but when Selina Snow rings the doorbell to canvas, perhaps she can change their minds, or they can change hers.

Cast includes Amy Loughton, Heather Craney, Kika Markham, Felix Scott, Claire Cox and John Hollingworth

Creatives include Indhu Rubasingham (Director), Rosa Maggiora (Designer), Matthew Eagland (Lighting Designer) and Tom Lishman (Sound Designer)


by Gillian Slovo

From leading politicians, edited from interviews she has recently conducted.

Cast includes Claire Cox, Kika Markham, Heather Craney, Niamh Cusack and Lara Rossi