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Dementia Friendly Screening: Summer Holiday

  • 107m
  • Cast includes Cliff Richard, Lauri Peters, David Kossoff
  • Directed by Peter Yares

Cliff Richard stars in this classic feel-good musical. Don (Cliff Richard) and his friends convert a double-decker bus into a holiday caravan and drive to Greece, picking up friends along the way, including a musical trio and a runaway singer.

What to expect from a Dementia Friendly screening

During the screening, the lights will be on higher, and the sound is down lower to create an easy environment for all to enjoy. Audience members are welcome to come in and out of the auditorium during the screening and experience it in a way that makes them most comfortable, whether that be in silence or by singing along. All responses are welcome.

To find out more about Dementia Friendly Screening, including tickets and accessibility, click here.