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Kings + Q&A

06 Aug 2024

  • Directed by Tom Collins
  • Starring Colm Meaney, Donal O'Kelly, Brendan Conroy, Donncha Crowley and Barry Barnes
  • 88 mins

We are delighted to be joined by playwright Jimmy Murphy – whose play The Kings of the Kilburn High Road was adapted into Kings – at this screening.

Four friends gather to host a wake for their recently-departed friend. All five made the journey to Camden from Connemara in the 1970s, seeking a better life, but the years have been harder on some more than others. As they look back on thirty years in Kilburn, the ways they have supported and failed each other are picked over one booze-soaked, joyous and torrid night.

Based upon Jimmy Murphy’s stage play The Kings of the Kilburn High Road, this adaptation is a showcase for some of Ireland’s finest actors including Colm Meaney and Brendan Conroy (most recently seen in That They May Face the Rising Sun), as well as stuffed with sights that’ll be very familiar to Kilburn locals. While very attentive to the specific experience of the Irish diaspora, this film will resonate with anyone who has made the decision to make a new life away from their home.

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