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9 – 18 April



09 Apr - 10 Apr 2019

Contact is a tale about Angela’s pursuit to find with her missing sister, who has become lost in the strange world of social media. But will Angela make it out of this cyber space? Can she ever escape it… can we ever escape it? This play explores the social medias ability to both isolate and connect people.

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10 Apr - 11 Apr 2019

They’ve beaten classmates, teachers, even their parents, but can they beat The Show?

Are these teen terrors as big, bad and brave as we think they are?

Can they work together to survive one night in an eerie church?

Tune in to find out if they’ll win the jackpot and turn their lives around!

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13 Apr - 14 Apr 2019

In 1767 a holy well is discovered. In 1968 a man buries himself alive for 61 days. In 2003 a city rises in protest. In 2028 a group of people scroll and scroll and scroll…

A riotous journey across 300 years of history in the same patch of land in Kilburn. Exploring the myths we inherit and the universal desire to strive for a better life.

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16 Apr 2019

In a colourless land of grey and isolation, the people long for another way to live. Finding a book underground, they uncover the secrets of what their land used to be; colourful, bright and joyous.

But are they able to transform their land into what they have been longing for? A story of rediscovering what it means to bring colour and happiness into your life and the world around you.

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18 Apr 2019

Bump is about what it means to remember. It’s about dancing to Candy at birthday parties. It’s about us.

We’ve become a bit obsessed with remembering and we’re not even old enough to forget yet. Did you know, when we’re older and we look back at our lives, this is the time we’ll remember the most? Here. Right now. Our teenage years. That’s a scientific fact. So, what’s going to stick? What will you remember?

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17 Apr - 18 Apr 2019

‘Look. This person is like 37 years old or summat. I tried to talk to him about that film on Netflix. Man don’t even know what Netflix is! I don’t know what more there is to say!’

Dr Fera isn’t exactly popular with the young people in school. In fact, there’s a bit of a revolt going on. For the young people, Dr Fera represents everything they’re not. For Dr Fera, young people are simply a waste of time. When school detention reaches tipping point between them both, something needs to give, fast.

The Gift is a journey of deeper understanding, ambition and unveiling more than what meets the eye.

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