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Monsters & Men

  • 2018
  • 95 mins
  • Dir: Reinaldo Marcus Green
  • Cast includes: John David Washington, Anthony Ramos, Jasmine Cephas Jones
  • Cert: 15

When Brooklynite Manny (Anthony Ramos) films a white police officer wrongfully shooting a neighbourhood street hustler, he finds himself faced with a dilemma. Should he release the video and draw attention to his family, or delete it – and let injustice prevail?

The repercussions of his decision will affect both Manny and two others: the African-American cop wrestling with his colleague’s decision, and the high school athlete who becomes radicalised by the incident.

Drawing on the media sensation of the Black Lives Matter movement,┬áReinaldo Marcus Green’s timely film examines race relations in contemporary America.