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Rye Lane

08 Apr - 13 Apr 2023

★★★★  ‘This is a warm, fun, instantly likeable story’ Empire

Dom’s ex is off sleeping with his best friend, and Yas’ ex is holding her vinyl record hostage. The pair meet when Yas overhears Dom sobbing in a gender neutral toilet and is incensed to hear that he is on his way to a lunch date with his ex-girlfriend and her new man… who just so happens to be his best friend.

Yas impulsively suggests she comes along, and puts on a facade as Dom’s assertive new girlfriend. Chaos ensues. After their highly awkward lunch encounter, the pair embark on a vinyl rescue mission and strike up a plan to break into his house. Amidst the expedition, they discover some truth to their previously contrived romance.

Rye Lane is newcomer Raine Allen-Miller’s love letter to South London. It’s hilarious, wacky and doesn’t take itself too seriously, delivered with sincerity and a comforting likability of the two leading actors. A refreshing display of young Black love that champions all the glory of London’s South East.

Cast includes David Jonsson, Vivian Oparah

Directed by Raine Allen Miller

Cert 15

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