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  • 84m
  • Directed by Charlotte Regan
  • Cast includes Lola Campbell, Harris Dickinson, Alin Uzun
  • Cert 12A

In this father-daughter comedy, 12-year-old Georgie (Lola Campbell) shows an impudent edge and a fast way with bike theft. She’s living alone in her London flat after her mother’s death. In another story, the arrival of her absent father (Harris Dickinson, Triangle of Sadness, Where the Crawdads Sing) would offer salvation. But even if Georgie seems to be the more mature one, they slowly learn that there are more than one way to provide for each other as a family.

Finding itself somehow at the intersection of Ken Loach and Wes Anderson, Charlotte Regan’s debut feature is visually playful and as warm-hearted as a much-needed hug. While dealing with social issues, it depicts them as they were felt from inside, rather than at a remove. Harris Dickinson continues to affirm that he is capable of turning his hand to almost any role offered to him, including this turn as a hapless father.