Support from our theatregoers makes a huge difference.

Whether it is through a recurring donation, a single gift or a pledge of future support in your will, there are many ways to become more involved with Kiln Theatre.

Click here to make a gift online or contact us to talk more about your support.

We would like to thank the following for their generous support of our work:

The late Harry Rose
Jules and Cheryl Burns
Dasha Theatricals
Matthew Greenburgh and Helen Payne
Tim and Cathy Score
Christopher Hogg
Dawn Austwick
Sarah and Joseph Zarfaty
Jon and NoraLee Sedmak
Primrose and David Bell
Ros and Alan Haigh
Adam Kenwright
Sir Trevor and Lady Susan Chinn
Carol and Gary Fethke
Elaine Morris
Jeremy Lewison and Caroline Schuck
Jonathan Levy and Gabrielle Rifkind
The Basden Family
Atalanta Goulandris and Stephane Gripari
Penny Badowska
Rosemary Morgan
Three Monkies Trust
David and Iona Heath
Laure Duvoisin
Gerald Moss
Alan and Virginia Lynch
Joanna Brooks and Custodians for Covid
Alan Maclean and Jo Corkish
Nicola Horton
Nicola Kerr
Frances Magee
Mike Bartlett and Clare Lizzimore
Matthew McDougall

And those supporters who prefer to remain anonymous.

Regular Donors

Recurring donations are vital support for our theatre. We are so grateful to the following individuals for choosing to support Kiln with recurring (monthly or annual) donations:

Alan and Virginia Lynch
Alan Maclean and Jo Corkish
Alice Clifford
Alice Morgan
Alice Rowan
Ann Omomowo
Anneke and Fred Mendelsohn
Anthony and Min May
Antony Weatherhead
Assia Bandukda
Barrie Tankel
Barry Serjent
Beth Silver
Catherine Walker
Christine Jude
Clare Doust
Colin Adams and Mary Farrell
Colin Pollard
Colin Steward
Conor Gunn
David and Iona Heath
David Dutton and Mave Turner
David King
David Lanch
Debbie Elliott
Demola Soremekun
Diana Bass
Diana Laurillard
Dipo Baruwa-Etti
Dominic Cooke CBE
Donald Jones
Ella Taibel
Farah Elahi
Francisco Furtado
Fred Dick
Freya Stanley-Price
Gemma Jackson
George Meyer
George Tomlinson
Henry Chu and James Baer
I G and B Rappaport
Jane Hassell
Jennifer Pope
Jim Thomas
Katherine Ronayne
Katie Bradford
Lady Alison Irvine
Laure Duvoisin
Lesley Platz
Liz Kwast
Liz Walker
Lyn Meadows
Marion Machin
Martin Enthoven
Martin Hall and Anne Heath
Mary and Jim Callaghan
Maureen Preston
Michael and Jenny Nathan
Miranda Persaud
Mishal Bandukda
Moyra McGarth Brown
Penny Badowska
Peter Lawrence
Philip Best
Philip Hooker
Rama Thapar
Richard Johnson
Richard Naylor
Richard Rawlinson
Robert Coniglio
Ros Lewis
Sam Cawley
Sandar and Steve Warshal
Selena Arbe-Barnes
Simon Judge
Simon Taylor
Sinead McKenna
Sioban Whitney Low
Sita McIntosh
Susan Bush
Susan Yeomans
Swetha Charles
Tatiana Chater Davies
Tessa Stanley-Price
Tibor Gold
Tom Happold
Tom Heath
Tom Proffitt
Vera Nunes
William Hesselmann

And those supporters who prefer to remain anonymous.

For a full list of all our supporters, click here.